Central Ohio Reining Horse Association

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Central Ohio Reining Horse Association  is celebrating our 25th year in 2013!

CORHA was founded in 1988 for the same reason NRHA was formed - for the love of the Reining Horse!  A group of Horsemen from the central part of Ohio wishing to showcase the Reining Horse as a single event put their heads together and came up with CORHA.  Back then, the only venue that was available to the Reining enthusiast was a Quarter Horse Show where Reining was a class among other disciplines or possibly getting the Central Ohio Saddle Club Association to add Reining as a class among other disciplines.  When neither of these two options worked the decision was made to form their own Reining Horse Association.

So in 1988, five people:  Bud Vaughn, Jack Hootman, Ron Frey, and Randy & Mary Straka came together to form Central Ohio Reining Horse Association. Thinking outside the box, and wanting to expand the reach of the sport, CORHA developed the Green Reiner program that is used today at so many of the Affiliate level shows to introduce Reining to newcomers.

From the humble beginnings of only five enthusiasts, Central Ohio Reining Horse Association now sports over 150 members and growing! CORHA is not only active in the show arena with 8-10 show dates per year, but also on the International Level with hosting the FEI Young Rider's Qualifiers and NRHA Judge's Applicant Seminars.