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 Click here for a printable application form

PURPOSE:  To promote youth participation, sportsmanship and excellence within CORHA & NRHA.   


                                                 Senior Division (age 16-18)     1st Place: $1,000    2nd Place: $500                                                   Junior Division (age 13-15)     1st Place: $500       2nd Place:$250

All participants will be recognized at the CORHA Year End Awards Banquet, October 26, 2013.


1.       Complete application and submit to Youth Committee no later than May 12, 2013.

2.       Must be age 13- 18 on January 1, 2013.

3.       Must be 2013 CORHA member and have been a member of CORHA in 2012.

4.       Must show in at least 50% of the 2013 CORHA approved shows.

5.       Complete essay on assigned topic.  (500-750 words) SENIORS ONLY.

6.       Complete 5 hours of CORHA community service.  All activities must be approved by the Youth Committee before participation.  At least four activities must be completed:  shadow a scribe, horseshow setup, gate duty, paid warm up assistance, show office assistance.  A service packet will be given out at the May show.

7.       Applicants must form a CORHA Youth Group to collectively plan and run a fundraiser (ie: egg and spoon class, 50-50 raffle) to benefit the Youth Achievement Award program.  The fundraisers will be overseen and approved by the Youth Committee and held during the 2013 CORHA shows.

8.       Each applicant must shadow a trainer (other than their own), for a minimum of one hour, while the trainer is schooling a client and/or horse.  Complete a 150-250 word summary on new techniques and/or insights that were learned.

9.       Point deductions will be applied to all late applications and other missed deadlines at a rate of one point per day.

10.    Each applicant will interview with three Directors from the CORHA Board at the July show on Saturday July 20, 2013.

11.    Each applicant will supply an item for the Silent Auction held at the Year End Awards Banquet.

12.    Each applicant will be required to sell 10 tickets for the NRHyA horse raffle.

13.    CORHA and the Youth Achievement Award Committee expect all youth participants to maintain a high level of sportsmanlike conduct and will penalize for negative behavior.

Applicants will be scored on:

1.       Completeness of application (25 points, Due May 12, 2013).

2.       Essay:  content, grammar, presentation (100 points, Due July 21, 2013).                                                                                        

SENIOR DIVISION ONLY                                                                                                                                                                        Essay Topic:  Summarize how your involvement with horses and your show ring experience has impacted your life and relate how you feel it will enhance your future.                                                                                                                                       

3.       CORHA community service (50 points, Due August 11, 2013).

4.       Interview assessment (100 points, Will be held Saturday, July 20, 2013).

5.       Youth Group Fundraiser participation (50 points, Due August 11, 2013).

6.       Shadow a Trainer report (50 points, Due August 11, 2013).

7.       Silent Auction item (25 points, Due August 11, 2013).

8.       NRHyA ticket sales (5 points per ticket sold, Due August 11, 2013).